Sunday, 23 July 2006

Holla Mi Chica Cuapas!

Greetings from the white shores of Puerto Gallera on the phillipines, glad i got here in the first place...
Our flight to Frankfurt had gotten delayed, so when we landed in Frankfurt Airport we had only 30 minuttes to catch our flight for Manilla - unfortunantly the otherwise splendid airport in Copenhagen has been declasified to a high risk airport by our friends in Bruxells, so when we got of the plane we were houled by busses, to outside the airport area, to have a "proper" security check, fair enough, but unfortunantly it also left us in a rather delicate situation - as we had to recheck in on the plane, get through security, and immigration, and get to the gate in something rather close to 20 minuttes.... if you've ever had the questionable honors of transitting through frankfurt, you will know that this is indeed utterly impossible. Luckly i was able to charm a rather dodgy looking german lady, into checking us in to the flight anyway, following was a hectic run through the airport, my brother managed to have a immigration counter open just for us, and a 'apparently' gay securtity worker, let us straight trough to que to the security check. So against all odds we managed to catch out flight, albeit we had a large airbus with a mere 400 passengers waiting just for us for something like 10 minuttes.
VIP or what? :)
After a short stopover in Guangzhou, China - we landed in the terribly run down airport of Manilla, looked alot like something bought from a soviet airport wholesale some 20 years ago, just wondering how they managed to transport it here :) first impressions proved to be right, the country seems to be quite pure - much worse than Thailand and the likes, however i have to say that so far i like the philipinos very much.
Anyway, due to high seas on the crossing to the island we were go to, mindoro occidential, we had to spend the night on Hotel in Manilla. for dinner we went to a rather fancy Japanese restaurant, quite nice to be greeted by a large choir of "Irrashaimase" again - allthough to rest of the family seemed rather perplexed by this. Apparently it was really a japanese restaurant, so i had to order for the whole family in Japanese. including a fair amount of Kirin beers for sleepers.
Next day a bus picked us up in the airport and drove us to Bandang, from there we had to take a small ferry boat over the strait to our hotel. We have a typhoon roaming somewhere up north, so the sea was pretty rough, oddly enough it was the Asians that puked, while all the Europeans seemed ok.
This afternoon we arrived at our Hotel - and holy cow - what a change from the standard im used to when travelling this part of the world. Our bungalow, for instance, have a line connected to a house, which residents, a quite nice family, only serves our bungalow, shocking! can't say im to fond of the principle, allthough it is very nice. i just don't like being the rich white boy very much. Allthough i do like the fact that mojitos are 6 DKK a piece :)
The resort is stunning, nested around a small cove, with crystal green waters, a white sandy beach, and the bungalows in traditional phillipino style - dotted around beneath the palm trees. Gotta love Asia man!
anyway, im gonna catch a nice cold beer, prepare for my dives tomorrow, and leave you guys to it...
ill keep you updated, when i can drag myself away from the beach bar :)
- Stefanowich

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