Monday, 30 May 2005

Shopping in Osaka

Shopping in Osaka...

Today i went to a very peculiar neighboorhood in Osaka called
Dotomburi, a crazy place that lives on a rather peculiar form of
darwinism; survival of the flashiest, much less flashy by day, but
just as crowded, i went shopping after a Japanese laundry machine in
an much impressive manner had managed to rip a pair of my trousers

Much to my surprise in a country where stores sell apples at a dollar
a piece, and perhaps much more impressive, actually gets away with it.
Clothing in japan it seems very reasonably priced. I have to say i
was in an utter state of complete disbelief when i checked the first
price tag, but plowing to serveral stores, left my with no other
choice, but to, albeit gradually, accept this fact.

A very nice Cardigan, a pair of trousers, a pair of shorts and 10 much
needed new socks (even after two rounds the washing machine wasnt able
to git rid of the godawfull smell of sweaty socks), set me back a
mere 7000 Yen (65 USD, 380 DKK)

Walking around in the neighboorhood also gave me a very good chance to
do some people watching, which is outragously fun in japan, after much
philosophising and testing of my thesises, i came to the conclusion
that while god may have acted unjustly when he genetically
conditionened the poor japanese girls to have small tits (small, but
rock solid, erm, firm - i hasten to add) he, as compensation equiped
the fairer sex of this race, with an extraordinarily tight ass, simply
amazing, i have travelled alot, and nowhere have i seen anything
remotely like it. If youre not an ass person, this country will
definantly straighten you out.

And much to its credit, the japanese fashion industry, have not been
late to exploid this fact to its fullest, the japanese girls wear
either very tight jeans, or mini skirts, in a freigtfull combination
with the highest heeled sandals i have even seen.

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